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The Complete Guide to Understanding Axolotl Behavior
Axolotl behavior

The Complete Guide to Understanding Axolotl Behavior

Why is my axolotl doing [fill in the blank]? This post is an attempt to cover the more common, and some less common, behaviors of this mysterious creature. What's normal? What's cause for concern? ...

Axolotl aggressionCan Axolotls Live Together?

Can Axolotls Live Together?

  When getting an axolotl for the first time, a question that often comes up is whether or not mixing axolotls is a good idea for your tank. Are there considerations to keep in mind? Are some facto...

Axolotl aggressionAre Axolotls Cannibalistic?

Are Axolotls Cannibalistic?

Let's talk about something that comes up a lot among axolotl owners. Will axolotls ever eat each other? Do they have cannibal tendencies? Even more intriguing... What about scary cannibal morphs? T...

Axolotl behaviorDo Axolotls Get Bored?

Do Axolotls Get Bored?

Day in, day out... The axolotl seems to have a relatively mundane life. It stands in one place for hours, only occasionally flicking its gills. It relocates when it notices the owner is coming over...