At Fantaxies, we run these sponge filters for the axolotls we raise and breed. Low flow makes for less stress. High oxygenation of the water. And TONS of room for beneficial bacteria to grow. Easy to set up and maintain, these are inexpensive and highly efficient filters ideal for axolotls. All you need to run them is an air pump with airline tubing (linked on this page).

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Air pump

We’ve tried lots of air pumps over the years. Some are noisy, others aren’t adjustable. We only use Uniclife air pumps for our axolotl systems. They are quiet, powerful, adjustable and well made. They last for a long time, unlike others that die after a few weeks of use. You can even hang them on the wall if you like. It comes with airline tubing, check valves and air stones. They also make a niftydual outletversion.

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Aquarium Fan

The perfect way to keep your tank cool, aquarium fans are far more economical than expensive chillers and very easy to install.

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Water Test Kit

It’s very important to test the water in your tank regularly, especially when you first set up a new tank. I switched from chemical liquid tests to dip strips for several reasons years ago and highly recommend them – they are accurate, fast and expose you to far less chemicals. The strips come in two bottles, one forammoniaand one fornitrite, nitrate and pH. You will want to get both.

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This amazing light realistically simulates nature’s day/night cycles. We believe this is important to help prevent the axolotl’s stress of being suddenly shocked going from dark to bright light when the light goes on. It can turn on gradually over the course of several hours in the morning with a “dawn” lighting that slowly transitions to full daylight, then fades into night, all very gradually and automatically due to the built in timer. In our opinion, a good light for axolotl tanks will not generate excess heat and provide full-spectrum lighting for plant life. The adjustable brightness is a huge bonus. We use and recommend this particular light because it checks all these boxes.

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Silk Plant Hides

I use these silk plants in nearly all of my axolotl systems. The axolotls just love hiding in the leaves. It also looks pretty realistic and is a great value for the price. It has a suction cup you can attach to wherever you want in the tank. The best price and you get 2!

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Coconut Hut

There are many hides out there, but the cheapest and most natural are without a doubt the coconut shell hides! I buy these kind for all my systems and the axolotls just love hanging out in them. They come with all the fuzz removed and they sink instantly too.

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Python Water Changer

How could I live without it. Anyone with an aquarium over 10 gallons would benefit from this ingenious, time-saving water changing device. Save your back and do large water changes with ease!

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Water Conditioner

Seachem Prime is a go-to water conditioner for axolotls. It is safe for their skin too. Many water conditioners contain aloe vera which is harmful to axolotls! This one does not.

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Live Blackworms

Live blackworms are an amazing food for axolotls, especially younger ones in the 3-5″ range, though they can be fed to axolotls of all ages. Can be fed as a staple diet. When housing multiple axolotls together that have not reached adulthood it really helps prevent nipping. The best part? Axolotls tend to have much better gills when fed live blackworms!

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Seachem Stability

This is a high performance product excellent for starting a new tank. Helps to quickly establish the biological filter in your tank so you don’t have to wait to add your lotl. Just follow the instructions on the bottle and test the water daily for the first few weeks, doing water changes if ammonia or nitrite pops up.

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Fine Gravel

This is approximately 2-4mm gravel, not standard aquarium pea gravel. It is ideal for providing a surface for biofilm to grow and the smooth tiny stones are more of a course sand and will not cause impaction. Please note that either the cream/yellow or wine red are the correct size; not the other 2. We use fine gravel with all of our breeders here at Fantaxies.

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You can use many different kinds of tanks for your axolotl, but I’ve been a big fan of SeaClear acrylic aquariums for years. It comes in great sizes for axolotl owners to choose from depending on how many axolotls they want to keep – 20, 26, 29, 30, 40, 46 and 50 gallons. Leak-proof, lighter, stronger and clearer than regular glass tanks – what’s not to love?

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