Why Axie Aid?

Axie Aid was developed and tested right here at Fantaxies, where our medication is made in carefully controlled small batches. We’re so confident in this medication that we use it on our own personal pet lotls, as well as those in our breeding colony. There are many products on the market geared to treat diseases for fish but hardly any for axolotls. Many of these fish medications contain ingredients that are not suitable for use on axolotls due to their sensitive and permeable skin. Yet axolotls need love too! And when illness comes up, proper treatment can prove life-saving. Home remedies often are not powerful enough to combat more moderate to serious issues, and other treatments can expose you to carcinogenic chemicals or annihilate your live plants.

  • Broad-spectrum to target a large range of diseases
  • Safe for axolotls, most aquarium plants and fish
  • Gentle, yet effective
  • Degrades naturally, safe for the environment
  • No water changes required to remove
  • Changes color when inactive
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Axie Aid Directions:

  • Bypass filtration & remove invertebrates before use. Maintain good aeration during treatment with an airstone. Do not perform water changes before or during treatment. Treat in the morning. For every 20 gallons, use 3 Tablespoons of treatment daily for 4 days. The water will turn bright pink, then amber when treatment is no longer active. In soft water, reduce dosage by half.
  • Water should hold pink color for at least 6 hours. Repeat dose if pink color turns amber within 45 minutes. Repeat with half dose if pink color disappears after 1-2 hours.
  • When the water turns fully amber, resume filtration until the next treatment. A final treatment may be performed 3 days after the 4th treatment if necessary. After the last treatment, a water change may be done to remove amber color.
  • Normal behavior during treatment may include occasional scratching, clamped gills and darting. If the axolotl shows signs of extreme discomfort, such as rolling over or listing sideways, stop the active treatment immediately by performing a 75% water change or neutralizing with hydrogen peroxide. If the axolotl shows a peeling slime coat during or after treatment, perform a large water change and reduce the treatment strength for future treatments by half. At regular strength, it will not cause gill filament damage.
  • In case of severe illness or if the axolotl shows no improvement after the full treatment period, treatment (or retreatment) can be carried out at up to a double dose. This is especially useful in the case parasitic infection.

Quick Treatment Dosage Calculator

Tank size and dosage

55 gallons

8 ¼ Tablespoons

50 gallons

7 ½ Tablespoons

40 gallons

6 Tablespoons

30 gallons

4 ½ Tablespoons

20 gallons

3 Tablespoons


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