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Do Axolotls Make Good Pets?

Do Axolotls Make Good Pets?

Benefits of Axolotls As Aquarium Pets


You want to know if an axolotl is the right choice for you as a pet?

Maybe you have a child that is begging for an axolotl, and you're just not sure if you should take the plunge?

Well don't worry...

Because today I'm going to talk about what makes them so great.

There are surprisingly a number of reasons that you can enjoy this beautiful creature as your aquarium friend!

1. Easy & low maintenance

Axolotls are not going to wake you up barking in the night.

They won't chew up your favorite pair of shoes.


They don't demand much, really.

Just good, clean water and food daily.

If they have those two things, all their needs are met!

They won't follow you around or jump on guests.

Instead, they will wait patiently all day for you to come home to them.

Axolotls don't need much of your daily time.

You can keep one with a daily 15 minute investment of time, until your weekly water change day (which might take 30 minutes).

Feeding does not require live insects, such as roaches, crickets or mice (yuck!)

You can instead opt for earthworms or pellets, which are much easier to keep and feed.

Forgiving of mistakes, axolotls are potentially hardier than most aquarium fish and make a good choice for a first pet.

2. Quiet

That's right, you're not going to have to scold your pet axolotl for being a disturbance of the peace, or live in terror of angry neighbors calling you to shut your pet up!

Axolotls are one of the most quiet creatures you will find.

The most noise will probably come from whatever aquarium filter you choose, and there are many quiet options on the market, such as canister filters.

Some find the gentle burbling of a sponge filter or an airstone to be rather relaxing.

3. Space

Axolotls don't need a large space investment in your home.

While you could go crazy and buy a 200 gallon tank that takes up a whole wall if you wanted to...

... One axolotl would be perfectly happy in a tank with a footprint that could fit on the average desk.

At 10-20 gallons per animal, you could comfortably house a pair of them even with a limited amount of extra room in your house.

Some aquariums have built in cabinets underneath that allow for storage of extra equipment and supplies, which can help compact the space even more.

If you are renting an apartment or live in a dorm, axolotls are a compact choice for a pet that doesn't need lots of space to run around and play.

4. Gentle

Axolotls are very innocent little creatures when it comes to interacting with people, and they do not have any desire to bite or hurt their owners at all.

Very rarely some axolotl might mistake their owner's arm or finger for a worm and snap at it, but their bites don't hurt because their toothless little mouths just feel like a gentle rubbery suction cup!

You don't have to worry about endangering small children with an animal that could snap unexpectedly at them and hurt them.

In fact:

No training whatsoever is needed, and that includes no potty training!

The peaceful axolotl is there to watch the world go by and doesn't ever intend to cause harm to people.

5. Educational

Axolotls offer a great opportunity to teach children (or even adults) about scientific knowledge!

Their fascinating regenerative abilities are a fascinating point of study for those with an interest in medicine or science.

Many classrooms are choosing to keep an axolotl as a class pet to learn about these aspects of their care.

In addition, raising the eggs of an axolotl in a learning environment is educational as the hatchlings develop into beautiful adults.

Then, there is the educational aspect of their husbandry.

Teaching children to care for a pet axolotl helps give them a task of responsibility, to care for a creature that is dependent on them for their welfare.

There is also a lot to learn about the nitrogen cycle and maintaining their aquarium's ecosystem in general.

Axolotls have quite a bit to offer when it comes to expanding your knowledge!

6. Beautiful environment

There's no doubt about it:

An axolotl aquarium can be a beautiful addition to whatever space it is added to, whether it is a home, office, school or store.

There are a variety of beautiful live plants that can be grown in the aquarium to add visual appeal for the viewers, as well as provide a more natural environment for the axolotl.

A well-maintained and properly stock axolotl tank is certainly a talking point for anyone who happens to get a glimpse of that adorable smiling face looking at them behind the glass!

7. Low-odor

Some small pets, such as rabbits, hedgehogs or guinea pigs have a bad rap for enclosures that give off a foul smell and require constant cleaning to keep that smell at bay.

Even an axolotl aquarium that hasn't been changed in a while generally doesn't smell worse with time, unless something is off with the bacteria balance in the tank.

[Read more about if axolotl tanks smell bad here.]


Axolotls make interesting, low-maintenance pets that are a great option for those who can't carve out a large time and energy commitment from their schedule on the level of, say, a puppy or a rowdy kitten.

There are so many things to love about them.

Why not consider getting your own pet axolotl today?

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