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Are Axolotls Legal in Colorado to Keep as Pets?

Are Axolotls Legal in Colorado to Keep as Pets?

Do you live in Colorado?

Are you wondering if you can legally own a pet axolotl here in this beautiful state?

Search no more:

I'm going to tell you everything you need to know.

Keep reading to find out!

"Are axolotls legal pets to own in the state of Colorado?"

Good news:

YES they are!

When acquired from a legal source, there is no import permit required to purchase one, and they are not considered a restricted or hazardous species.

So you can rest assured knowing you're not going to get slapped with a hefty fine for being caught with one of these amazing animals.

For your satisfaction, here's a list of CO's prohibited exotic animals:


  • Addax, Aoudad
  • Blesbok Barbary sheep, Brush-tailed possum
  • Chamois European hedgehogs
  • Gemsbok Wild and exotic goats, Goral Green frog Hartebeest
  • Ibex
  • Markhor Mouflon
  • Oryx
  • Wild and exotic pigs
  • Primates
  • Raccoon, Red deer
  • Sheep (wild exotic sheep and hybrids)
  • Striped skunks
  • Tahr, Topi
  • White-tailed deer Wildebeest


So unless you want to own any of the above...

... You're good. :)

(Sorry to burst your bubble if you've ever dreamed of owning a Wildebeest in this state.)

Nope, axolotls are NOT on the prohibited species list.

Yay for the Colorado axolotl breeder!

In fact:

Axolotls Are the Perfect Colorado Pets


Colorado is a fantastic place to own an axolotl.


The winters are long here (generally 6 months - insane, we know).

And while you may otherwise find yourself getting spring fever waiting for the warmer temps to show up as you watch the blizzard out your front window...

... An axolotl can help you get a new appreciation for the cold.

Because, of course, they LOVE the cold and are well-adapted to cool, high altitude environments.


The axolotl originates from a very cold, high-altitude lake in Mexico fed by glacial waters.

Did someone say "glacial waters?"

We've got 'em around this state :)

So Colorado is nearly home-away-from-home for them.

If you live in a more warm climate, you can end up having to pay a pretty penny to keep the water cold by investing in a chiller or other high-tech equipment.

Good news:

In Colorado, 6 months of the year the temperature is naturally cold.

All you have to do is turn the thermostat down. :)

The other 6 months, it can get hot but not nearly as hot as in most places in the country.

Generally it only takes a fan to keep the temps in the acceptable ranges during the summer warm months.

So you are looking at a much lower electricity bill than for those folks who have to buy and run a chiller most of the year to keep their tank cold enough for their axies!

What a bonus!

And it gets better:

In most places in Colorado, the water is perfect in terms of its pH and hardness for our axolotl friends.

Usually all you need is a good dechlorinator before it is fit for your axolotl to live in.

Where to Buy Axolotls in Colorado?

Why, here at Fantaxies, of course!

*Shameless plug*

No, for real...

As a Colorado-based axolotl pet shop, we offer local pickup if you're in the area and want to save on shipping costs.

You can swing by and pick up your friend on the porch.

Don't want to make the drive?

No worries - we also ship to our neighbors all over the state (and beyond) :)

Usually Priority mail packages will arrive the next day when shipped from a Colorado address to another address in the same state.

But we always pack as if the animal is going to make a much longer journey, just in case.

We take shipping VERY seriously around here.

So what are you waiting for?

Check out our shop to pick out your next Colorado axie buddy.

After all:

They make very cool pets (in more ways than one).


If you've ever dreamed of owning an axolotl as a CO resident, you're living in the right place.

This state is totally cool with you doing that, as long as you don't go to the black market to obtain your next water dragon.

I hope this post helped you, thanks for reading!

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