Find a Unique Axolotl with a Wild Type

The wild type axolotl has quite a bit of variation even in just that category. Each wild has a unique pattern. Even their gills can vary quite a bit in color, ranging from red to purple to even black. Wilds have iridophores (sparkly areas of pigment) which generally show up on their gills and sometimes bodies. These are what makes them have shiny eyes, one of the easiest way to tell them apart from melanoids. Some are more muted and some are more sparkly than others. Obviously this morph looks the closest to how the axolotls in nature used to look, as their markings helped them blend into their surroundings like camouflage. Wilds are usually the most affordable axolotl morph. Most of the time, wilds carry genetics for other colors. This means if they are bred, they usually produce more pheonotypes in addition to their own.

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