Buy Lucy Axolotls for Sale Online

We offer beautiful, USA bred & raised lucy axies shipped straight to your door. Our animals are 100% healthy and ready for new homes. As one of the most popular and well-known morphs, their pink and white tones make a striking statement in the home aquarium.

Leucistic axolotls have little skin pigment and black or silver eyes. They are generally light pink, yellow or white in color with dark pink or red gills. Over time, some leucistics may develop freckles on their faces or bodies. Heavily freckled leucistics are called dirty lucys, whereas those without freckles are called clean lucys.

Mel leucistics have black eyes and a bit of yellow pigment in their skin (when young), whereas Axanthic leucistics lack yellow pigment from the beginning.

For more information, including care, history and more, read about the leucistic axolotl morph here.