Purchasing Your Baby Axolotl

At Fantaxies, we carry a wide selection of adorable little ones in various morphs. Our babies are well established, healthy and ready for new homes!

Baby axolotls are so rewarding to keep, because not only do you get the rewarding experience of being able to watch them grow and blossom under your care, but because they are incredibly adorable! If you’re looking for an pet to melt your heart, it arguably doesn’t get much cuter than a baby axie.

When searching for a baby, it is important to make sure yours is large enough to be ready for a new home, especially if you intend to have it shipped to you by mail. At Fantaxies, we wait until our babies are big and strong enough to ship, at the 3″ mark and have all of their limbs and back feet grown in. Our babies are well established and arguably ship better at this age than at any other. While baby axolotls of this size will still readily accept blackworms as their primary food source, at this stage they can also be fed other foods instead. Our standards ensure the axolotl is able to travel well and be as easy as possible to keep for our customers.

As with all of our other stock, babies are seasonal in their availability. If you don’t see any in stock on this page, be sure to sign up to our mailing list so you can be notified when more are up for sale on our website.