Axolotls for Sale from Fantaxies

Welcome to Fantaxies, based in the heart of Colorado! Thanks for visiting our shop. We strive to bring you the most beautiful, well bred, healthy & adorable axolotls you can find.

We offer a variety of morphs and sizes of ambystoma mexicana for sale, including leucisticmelalbino and golden varieties, with seasonal availability. We also frequently offer juvenile and baby axolotls that are large enough to go to new loving homes. Our selection is always changing, so check back to see when new products have been added. Better yet, subscribe to our email list for Axie Alerts to be notified when we’ve added new lotls to the shop.


Safe, fast shipping is our top priority. We take every measure to ensure your animal arrives alive and healthy and offer live arrival guarantee. We have shipped thousands of axolotls across the country to all legal states! Learn more about our shipping process here.

Please note we cannot ship to the following states: CA, NJ, ME, DC, HI or NM in order to comply with legal regulations.

Shop FAQ

Do you offer any kind of a guarantee?

Yes, we have a 100% live arrival guarantee on all of our axolotls. Our guarantee does not extend past delivery as we cannot control the environment of your aquarium. Please see our policies page for further details on our guarantee policy.

How should I acclimate my new axolotl?

We recommend floating the unopened bag in your aquarium for 20 minutes if there is a significant temperature difference. The bag can then be opened and the axolotl removed with a net from the bag water and transferred to the tank. Please discard the bag water. It is normal for your axolotl to be a bit stressed after shipping, but this is temporary and the axolotl usually starts poking around to explore its new environment within a short period of time. Please leave the lights off in the aquarium for the first 24 hours to allow the animal to adjust to its new environment after being in a dark box, and ensure the current from the filter isn’t too strong.

How long can my axolotl be okay in the mail?

Axolotls are incredibly hardy animals when it comes to shipping. Even with delays, axolotls that are healthy and well cared for like ours are very robust, and live arrival is expected.

What should I feed my axolotl when it first arrives?

When you first receive your animal, we recommend feeding lighter, easier to digest foods as its digestive system resumes its normal processes. Frozen bloodworms are one of the most readily accepted foods by lotls that have been shipped. It is out of the ordinary even for the axolotl to arrive stressed to the point where they will not accept food, though if this happens it is not unheard of.  If your axolotl is very hungry, other foods may be given, such as chopped up nightcrawlers or pellets. Feed only what the animal is willing to eat, and do not leave uneaten food to rot in its tank or container.

What is your shipping process like?

Our animals are double bagged in thermal insulated packages. Our boxes are marked “Fragile” and “Live Animals” to notify postal workers that they should be treated with extra care. Depending on the size of the axolotl, the animal may be fasted prior to shipping to ensure the water in the bag remains as clean as possible. We have shipped thousands of axolotls and are very experienced with the process. Rest assured your pet will be shipped professionally and safely as possible.

Tips for Getting Your New Axolotl

Our adorable axolotls for sale are ready to go to their forever homes. Here are some tips for before and after you buy an axolotl online:

Tank Cycling

It is highly recommended to ensure your axolotl will have a cycled aquarium to live in. This helps ensure safe water parameters. You can cycle a fish tank yourself using liquid ammonia, or you can buy a pre-cycled filter online (sponge filters are great). There are many great guides online on how to cycle a fish tank yourself if you choose to do that instead. Please note that this method can take several weeks, whereas pre-cycled filters allow new inhabitants to be added immediately. If you don’t cycle your tank first, it is recommended to perform daily water changes until your filter matures to remove waste and uneaten food and test daily to monitor levels. Once your tank is cycled it greatly reduces the water changes required.


Our lotls are fed exclusively on worms and other high quality live foods, depending on their size and age. Live worms offer the most nutrition and superior growth. Worm cubes of frozen bloodworms are sold at most pet stores and are very easy to feed, but are only sufficient until the axolotl reaches around 4,” and then we recommend switching to live worms. Worms such as earthworms and nightcrawlers are the most nutritious food you can feed your lotl and help promote big gills and good growth. Many people find feeding their axies using tongs is an easy method. Live foods also do not rot so quickly in the water.

Cool water

Mexican water dragons experience stress in water that is too warm. They cannot live at tropical temperatures and need cool water. The recommended range is between 55-69 degrees F. The use of an aquarium fan can help to keep the water from overheating if you live in a warmer climate.

Tank size

A 10-20 gallon tank is a good size for an adult axolotl. Please don’t fill it all the way up to the brim without a lid as they can jump. If you don’t have a lid then you can fill it to 3″ below the waterline.

Tank mates

Axolotls can be kept in a species only tank, with other axolotls as their tank mates, provided they are properly fed. A select few other appropriate tank mates can be added, provided they have been properly quarantined and you are willing to accept the risk that they may end up becoming food! Some are more failproof than others, and not all tank mates will always be compatible, depending on the personality of your individual lotl.

For more care tips and suggestions on tank mates, please check out our care guide.